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GX70G IRS Conversion

Thought this was sweet, fits some pretty wild rim sizes under unpulled arches in then end.

Similar to what I’d like to do to my 260C once I’m done with the Mark II

Scanned and uploaded by John of AusZoku / TOR


Pictures like this are only gonna put the S31 on a longer holiday when Rob realises he must go full race stz…

Best Paint

Shit yeh

f30 Coupe

Lubs for f30 Coupes. This one is lame VG though. L ftw

Buy me

Riverside GX61

f 14×8.5″ MkII, r 14×10″ MkI


f 14×8.5″ MkII, r 14×9.5″ Volk Mesh

One goes out to

Cellphone Slam


Shit photos

Awesome cars



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Black GX

Fender it is Hitting