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B110 Update

On a Leash

Andy’s cute Z18ET B110 sedan + Work Equip


Ditched the Sharks today for something a little more ‘fitting’

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I <3 these cos they’re way cooler than the utes in particular

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Wheel Ads — Part One


I have so much of this shit saved I knew I’d have to post it up at some point,

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My piece


Plans include red paint, a turbo, 4 injectors, 8 pusrods and around 1500cc of fury, it currently contains lots of fail and gay.

Someone should come around and work on it for me as the motivation is seriously lacking at this point in time. I will keep updating this, but it will be sporadic as hell because I suck at progress.


11 sec’ turbo A series

I just want to see the look on his opponents face when he hears its only running a 1.4l OHV motor. Fuck I love small engines that take down big players
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