Monthly Archives: January 2010

Quick Post: Meats

Bit of a combined old car club meet yesterday, thought we’d roll up. Apparently 75 cars in attendance!

Andy and our pommy pal Scott. That’s no burnout, the Z18et is just on it’s last legs, upgrade on the way tho

Slammed the KB a bit for the occasion, Makita special

Simon’s Corona, gang signs all day

Kent’s Merc I fell in love with

Casual pine in the morning


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Bug Love

This thing fell off the back of a truck in front of Riverside the other week, thought it’d be polite to save it so Andy filled out the adoption forms.

“You cunts drawing on the paint-work oh his car is pretty rude i reckon bro. I’d be entirely unimpressed were it mine, it’s not like it’s a corolla or something”