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f30 Coupe

Lubs for f30 Coupes. This one is lame VG though. L ftw

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Rick is it?

So I rolled up to Riverside in the weekend, got to draw sweet thing’s all over the Z and Cressida and sleep on the floor. More later/never.

Anyway, I’m Harry, I rule.


Shit’s on hold

Oh hey boes, we’re still getting all moved in to Riverside (yeah I heard it’s an actual place) but have yet to sort internet out here, hit we don’t even have a washing machine yet… But we’re still doing our thing with the cars as well as a few new additions including something less Japanese but just as slammed which we’ll have some info on before the end of the month. Until then here’s a shit photo looking down from the bedrooms we’ve been building in the roof…

Keep your eyes peeled

– Z

Still got love for the Streets


Had a suprise visit from the lovely Sparky of Garage Slipway, and no, I don’t mind that he rubbed his balls on my mirror.

– Zeb

Riverside GX61

f 14×8.5″ MkII, r 14×10″ MkI


f 14×8.5″ MkII, r 14×9.5″ Volk Mesh