Built to Measure


Always wanted a grachan stz GX61 Cresta built exactly to your specs but had the CBFs?


Base vehicle is a one owner car twincam mission was owned by the elderly.


Currently, the vehicle is in the making, and then delivered to the paint color of your choice.

A certain charisma in the making at the shop in Yamanashi Prefecture is Cresta GX61.



ALL stainless steel muffler mounting WANOFU rear spoiler produced two models for other processing front spoiler filled putty putty YARIRONGUNOZURIADOA bamboo works fill this out
etc… etc …


GX71 GC-3 RONGUNOZU side step process works for other models, Savannah processing division 2 C ducts


BBQ will be delivered after you get your drink, and thank you for participating in a sober driver.

BBQ Fee is included in the price.

It’s also included, not to confirm each, thank you in participating in the barbecue is mandatory.
I go on rainy days.

I lubs you translate, so much sense!

– Zeb


2 responses to “Built to Measure

  1. I rule August 24, 2009 at 6:30 PM

    I always have a mad case of the cbf’s. Did’nt even read this page tbhlol!!

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