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Looking over Goo-net these things ain’t cheap!

The car above is at 680,000yen (NZ$10,600), and apparently has 42,000km on it, for an ’83. It is pretty clean though!


This next one is 390,000yen (NZ$6,100), with a more realistic 130,000km, still nice.


This is at 590,000yen (NZ$9,200), with 100,000km, still pricey for a relatively plain car.


Finally this, the only manual (yes those above are factory auto) is 580,000yen (NZ$9,100).

Keep in mind none of these are the TWIN CAM 24 1G-GEU model, only one is manual, and those prices are before any shipping, customs, commission, compliance and other costs associated with getting a car imported and on the road here. I don’t even want to do that maths!

So not worth the hassle when you can pick one up from the roadside for NZ$1,000 !! Even if it is a little rough around the edges. Maybe I should sell it in Japan!



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