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Wheel Ads — Part Two: More DEVIL JAPAN

Battle s30

This thing is awesome. Keeping up with FD race cars and going past s2000’s like they are standing still.
According to his website the car runs a stroked L making 337hp at the wheels.
Not bad eh?


Built to Measure


Always wanted a grachan stz GX61 Cresta built exactly to your specs but had the CBFs?

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Bad to the Cone


Wheel Ads — Part One


I have so much of this shit saved I knew I’d have to post it up at some point,

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Often find cool cars browsing Yahoo auctions car section. Just found this. God I love C130 Laurels.
14×8/14x9s Hayashi streets running 195/60 and 205/60’s respectively. Surprisingly full profiled tyres to fill those massive guards.
Buy it, please.

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Wheel Face


I just found this funny. I mean, it is pretty funny.

Street Van&Wagon; Carina