Well this is one of my cars, has a little story…

had been on the sly lookout for a nice 61 and had spotted this mint blue sedan a few times. Facelift Mark II sedan. Came across it in a supermarket carpark so I waited for the owner to come out and started chatting, old dude who bought the car in the ’80s when it was imported, always garaged, 120km on the clock. Problem being he didn’t want to sell it. Spotted it again a month or so later and approached him again, still not keen, I left him my number. Another month I get a call, long story short I bought the car for his lowest and my highest price! Happy as.

Anywho here’s some pics etc


Rear looked sweet but front is very av, hence my next move…


Here’s how it’s sitting this evening, now have custom adjustables in the front, set to ‘drivable’ for now, however they go 70mm lower from there, just not on those tyres… rear is standard right now but will swap cuts in until I have coilovers made for the back.




Have something else lined up though so all going well this will be daily duties.



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